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mammoth ivory and other marvellous materials

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Saint Léon sur Vézère – Périgord – France


Cutting in the material or how to touch Man's heart

“ Trained as a wood carver then, a cutler friend gave me a piece of mammoth ivory, so small that I could only make a jewel with It ”.  And that’s how it all started…
A permanent love with mammoth ivory. “Perhaps at one time I made a pact with the great mammoth ! ” And then there is the antlers of reindeer and moose, some horns, bog oak, ancient bones (walrus, horse, mammoth…), amber, …

“Thanks to these materials, I evolve in an imaginary way, where the spirits of animals are mingled with their silhouette, their smells and their movements, a scenery of steppes and caves, men cutting objects of bone or ivory Mammoth; But also images of beautiful ladies and elegant gentlemen from the interwar period, when art was at the most refined between fine lines and sobriety of materials.

This mix allows me to create.

Modern Man and the Animal have rubbed shoulders for tens of thousands of years. An ancestral memory is engraved in the heart of man. But recently, he deprives himself of the beautiful materials and opts for the all-coming.

I appreciate to give life a little time to this relationship Man-Animal.
And if I like to draw inspiration from ancient times,
I do not hesitate to create these very contemporary forms.”
It feels good to hold Olivier’s jewellery and sculptures because of their soft-touch.

Olivier PICQUART Ivoie de mammouth Artisan créateur

Mammoth ivory

Preserved in the frozen soil of the permafrost, which is 10,000 to 100,000 years old, it gives us the same white properties as ivory that we were able to know recently. Soaked in the soil, it can be impregnated with colors due to the presence of oxides. The summer meltings of permafrost deliver it as well as bones and molars.
Exported since at least the ninth century, its use in Europe has been attested since  the Middle Ages and then forgotten since the colonization of Africa.
The ivory of mammoth finally regains its place thanks to restrictions
on ivory of endangered species.
At least 60 tons are discovered every summer in Siberia!
After 3 years, a tusk will disappear because of the mud and the frost.
They are also found in Alaska and Alberta.


An authenticity certificate is delivered when you purchase.
All the materials are legal and allowed to be sold according to C.I.T.E.S

The boutique

The shop is located in St Léon sur Vézère, in the heart of the Périgord Noir, 10 km from the Lascaux Cave, on the main streetopposite the Manoir de la Salle.

The shop presents the work of Olivier but also that of other finest artisans.

We select the work and also the Artisan.
His work must be part of a process of researching materials, originality, hard work and honesty. Some Originality. Some “Made in France”. Every spring we strive to present some novelty. We offer the “ARTisanal”, “handmade”.
The proper fact, that is to say, under suitable conditions. We stand out from the industrial (and so-called “handmade” at the other end of the planet and with the working conditions that go with it, often hidden under the name “fair trade”).

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Due to Covid 19,
the shop is temporarily closed.

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